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  • Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holtzer is a conceptual artist out of Ohio. After exploring abstract sculpture and printmaking Jenny switched to using words as Art. Holzer displays her lit words on buildings and walls in public places to maximize the impact of the words on her audience. Jenny Holzer’s work has been displayed around the world in places such as The Guggenheim in New York, a gallery in Berlin, Times Square and many others.

What I love most about this work is the sheer effectiveness that every aspect of the piece has at getting a message across to it’s viewer (whether they like it or not.) The most obvious strategy for this is the size of the text, each piece so massive it is hard to miss. The words in light at night is also incredibly effective in the extremely public places Jenny shows her work, who needs a gallery when you have an entire building? Lastly the economy of every piece, the fact that once you glace at it you’ve read the message whether the viewer intended to or not it the most mischievous and excellent way Jenny Holzer sends message to her audience.

  • Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is a young digital artist gaining recognition in the art world. Cory expresses his artistic vision through mainly programming.

Cory’s work is simple but fun and clever. I like his work because it appears simple and is very entertaining. The common medium of old school gaming makes his work accessible to everyone. What is great about Cory Arcangel’s work is its ability to be interpreted deeply or barely at all but still appreciated equally in both cases.

  • Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist is a video artist born in Switzerland. Pipilotti uses extremely rich and colorful images to express her artistic vision. Rist also takes advantage of sound and its relationship to her videos to enhance her work usually having to do with sexuality and nature.

Pipilotti makes incredibly interesting work in my opinion. Her use of vibrant colors fascinates me because im really into the use of color because of the effect it can have on its viewer. Pipilotti’s video “Im not the girl who misses much” sends chills up my spine. The way she altered her voice combined with the primal dancing provides a lethal dose of disturbia.

  • Robin Rhodes

Robin Rhodes is a mixed media digital artist who was born in Cape Town South Africa. Rhodes uses primarily video and photography in his work. He photographs humans with drawings to make the impossible seem real and tricks the eye.

I think that Robin Rhodes work is incredibly interesting because his photographs are both interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Rhodes work entitles “Table of Contents” encompasses what I love about the work. The simple sketch completely comes alive in the photograph when it interacts with the person “playing.”

  • Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij is a digital artist who makes simple digital art sophisticated. Baij’s website is simple and doesn’t even look like a professional artist’s website. One of the first links is of an animal mash up program he created. A simple yet interesting piece that lets the viewer be a part of the artists creation of the work.

I love the artists that have a light hearted approach to their artwork and create whatever they find interesting and fun. Jeff Baij does just this and you can tell when exploring his site that he really doesn’t give a crap about what other people think but does the art that he finds interesting. Clearly this has paid off as he is important enough to be included in our very short list of digital artists to know.

  • Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a leader in the digital art world and has been producing digital art for over 35 years. Viola creates videos with dramatic yet simple images that seem like they took a but load of work. Bill has a fascination with water that really comes out in his images.

The lighting in Bill Viola’s images are what I find most interesting. The use of light makes his photographs special and takes them from simple pictures to extraordinary ones.

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