Monday, May 17th, 2010...4:00 pm

What is Digital Art?

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What are digital approaches to fine art? What can digital approaches to fine art BE? What does it mean to use a digital approach?

Digital approaches to fine art is a very broad category that includes many different mediums. The digital era has opened up the art world to infinite possibilities for artists. Digital art is probably most commonly associated with photoshop editing, enhancing photographs and images or creating something completely new and different. There are many other ways to create “digital art” though. Most of the entertainment world revolves around its digital elements. Movies are created digitally now, scenes are enhanced and edited together and special image and sound effects are added to make movies more fantastical or realistic. A side of digital art I have recently come to respect more and become fascinated by is in computer games. My brother creates computer games and after showing me the work and creativity that goes into every small detail of a computer game I have gained enormous respect for that gaming world. A digital approach can be anything from using an image obtained through the internet for another piece of work, to Perez Hilton’s blog, to using garage band to make a jingle, to taking a picture with a digital camera or phone, to creating an entire interactive digital universe.

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